Meagan and Nick: This is our life now!

So much can be summed up in such a short and seemingly trite phrase: This is our life now! Yet it's easy to see why it has come to mean to much for Meagan and Nick. It can be so easy to pass us by without stopping consciously noticing that this is indeed our life at the moment! What we choose to do with that realization is up to us, but staying present in the moment when there are so many pressing concerns on our minds is truly a skill!

It was great speaking with Meagan and Nick and hearing their positive attitude, which clearly has carried them through both good times and sideways times. I'm sure there are many great things ahead for these two, not the least of which some exciting news they said I could share on here.

Meagan and Nick are sure to have many exciting times ahead since they're now expecting their second child, a little girl! We're sure that the new addition will just add to their great adventure together and that Finn will be a great big brother.

Congratulations, Meagan and Nick!


What's one relationship lesson you've learned from living through a pandemic?

If this current quarantine situation has underlined anything it's that good communication really is SO crucial when you're spending so much more time together with limited breaks or outside distractions than usual!

Do you have a song that's your couple song?

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" by Starship was our first dance song at our wedding. One of Meagan's old coworkers was a dancer and she helped us choreograph a funny little routine which was way out of character for us but a fun surprise for our families. It still comes on the radio every once in a while (it did just yesterday!) and we will sit in the car and listen to it and reminisce.

Name a way in which the two of you are similar. Name a way in which the two of you are different.

We're both more introverted and enjoy spending time together alone at home, though Nick is much better at talking to strangers or large groups than Meagan is. Meagan is a planner and Nick is much more easy-going and lives in the moment.

What's your favorite thing to do for the other?

Nick is a fantastic carer - especially while Meagan is entering the third trimester of a high-risk pregnancy. He is constantly giving massages and foot rubs and bringing things to eat and drink. He's also picking up TONS of slack around the house and entertaining our toddler. Meagan gives solid back scratches and loves to plan experiences or find items that will be specifically exciting or enjoyable for Nick - fishing trips and supplies and historical exhibits are two favorites. She also works to expand Nick's culinary palate to enjoy foods he normally doesn't care for.

What are some traditions that you've established as a couple?

We have a daily bedtime routine as a family that's developed over the past year or so and is a sweet end to our day. Every year we visit the poppies in Lambert Park at least twice in May for Meagan's birthday and again on Memorial Day. We celebrate Christmas Eve as our own little family and then spend Christmas morning with Nick's family and Christmas afternoon with Meagan's. We're working on building traditions of camping and fishing as a family in the summertime.

What fictional couple do you relate with the most?

Nick once said Bernard and Bianca from "The Rescuers" and Meagan thought that was the sweetest comparison ever. Also Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally, for obvious reasons.

What's your favorite TV show as a couple?

We love historical documentaries and comedies the most. We recently binged Brooklyn 99 and now are revisiting Community.

Did you guys agree on baby names?

When Phinn was born we ran through them and picked the one that we thought fit the best. If either of us mentioned a name that the other didn't like it didn't go on the list so we haven't had many conflicts so far! Meagan has a name she's loved for a while for this baby that Nick is on board with but we will probably try and come up with a few more again just in case!

Are there any specific relationship skills you're each working on right now?

Nick is trying to be more aware of things that need to be done outside of the present moment and look beyond his normal field of vision. When he has a few spare minutes he's practicing evaluating what needs to be done either physically in the area he is in (e.g does the dishwasher need to be loaded or the kitchen floor swept?) or what is coming up on the calendar that might need some prep work (what are we in charge of bringing for Sunday family dinner, for example.) Meagan is working on letting go of the need for everything to be done her way and instead of practicing appreciating that Nick's different opinions or ways of doing things work equally well for our family. She's been getting a lot of practice as Nick has taken over a lot of house chores and meal planning while she's cooking up this baby!

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