Joe and Stephanie: Differing Conflict Styles

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

I hope you enjoyed listening to Joe and Stephanie just as much as I enjoyed speaking with them. I especially enjoyed hearing about how the two of them resolved their differences in conflict management styles very early on in their relationship. In all relationships disagreements are inevitable. Finding a way to manage those disagreements in a way that supports rather than damages the relationship? That's much more difficult. It's great to see that even two people who came from such different backgrounds as these two when it comes to resolving conflict can come to a workable solution; it just takes time, openness, and sometimes willingness to try out unorthodox approaches. You won't find "shut up for 24 hours" in many relationship handbooks! There truly is no one size fits all approach to making relationships work, so don't feel bad if what works for someone else doesn't work for you.

I caught up with Joe and Stephanie recently and asked them just a few more questions that we didn't cover on the podcast. Is there anything else you'd like to know about these two? What stood out most to you about this couple? Let us know in the comments!

Q&A with Joe and Stephanie:

Q: Do you have a song that's your couple song?

A: Nat King Cole’s L-O-V-E

Q: Name a way in which the two of you are similar.  Name a way in which the two of you are different.

A: Both love books. She’s an introvert, he’s an extrovert.

Q: What's your favorite thing to do for the other?

A: Find a new way to be kind and express love.

Q: What are some traditions that you've established as a couple? A: On Halloween we set up a campfire and chairs in the driveway so people have a chance to take a break, get warm, talk a little and drink hot cider and eat cookies.

Q: What fictional couple do you relate with the most?

A: We really lack drama in our relationship, and undramatic couples are hard to find in fiction. But we admire Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy.

Q: Are there any specific relationship skills you're each working on right now? 

A: Trying to increase our emotional resilience to the drama that our kids inevitably inject into life.

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