James and Liza: Finding Your Why

One of my favorite parts of hosting Making Love Today is the diversity of couples that I'm able to speak with. It really is amazing to see that no matter what stage of their relationship a couple might be in, they all have valuable insights on building deeply meaningful and fulfilling relationships. I absolutely loved speaking with James and Liza and hearing their unique perspective on what they do to build the relationship that they want to have.

One of my key takeaways from James and Liza is that we need to make the most of the time that we have together. Living in different cities, the two of them understand how precious time together can be! Instead of trying to cram every second full of busy-ness, when James and Liza are together they prefer to slow things down and just enjoy the moments.

Here are some additional thoughts that these two shared with me after their interview.

Q & A with James and Liza

Thinking back to when we spoke, is there anything that afterward you wish that you had said which you didn't at the time?   Nope, can't think of anything that we wished we had said. But, as an update, I will say that we have recently been focusing hard on developing healthy habits, including getting adequate sleep and good nutrition. We've been highly influenced by the book "Why We Sleep" by Dr. Matthew Walker, which is an amazingly comprehensive exploration of the many reasons why sleep is critical to every bodily function and one's quality of life. Do you have a song that's your couple song? Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over We heard it in the Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik, Iceland, and it instantly became our couple's song. Name a way in which the two of you are similar. Name a way in which the two of you are different. Similar - We love tea! Liza is into matcha, and James is into ginger and green tea. Different - Liza is more visually artistic (painting), while James is more musically inclined (guitar, drums). What's your favorite thing to do for the other? Liza loves to cook simple, healthy meals, while James likes to take out the trash (because he knows how much Liza hates doing that chore) Do you have a favorite TV show as a couple? Whatever we happen to be watching together at the moment! The last one was Downton Abbey, which we finished a few weeks ago. And right now, it's Narcos: Mexico Season 2. Who are some of your best relationship examples/inspirations? First example that comes to mind is our lovely neighbors, a couple of retired teachers in their early 70s, who are always really positive and energetic. If you could go on a couples trip to anywhere, where would it be?   Living in Scandinavia for at least a month to settle into a daily routine there and find out why that region is known for such high quality of life. Then, we'd bring back what we learn to our life in the United States. We are likely to do this within the next 12-14 months. Are there any specific relationship skills you're each working on right now?  We are working on the skill of working together on a project. Right now, we are creating an organization called Young Philanthropists Circle, which aims to inspire more young professionals to develop a habit of giving to charity.

Thanks again, James and Liza! It sounds like these two are really doing some great things to help them improve as a couple, and also to benefit those around them. It will be great to check in with both of them down the road and see where else life has taken them.

Be sure to tune in on Wednesday to hear what Anne's thoughts are on the relationship strengths that these two demonstrated and how we can apply them in our own lives!

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