Erica and Spencer: Life with 11 kids

Hi all! Thanks for listening to our very first episode of Making Love Today. If you haven't heard the episode yet be sure to do so! Everyone I shared Erica and Spencer's interview with before it went live absolutely loved them, and it's not hard to see why. From finding love after loss, to the craziness of raising eleven (11!) kids together and everything in between it would be hard not to root for these two.

After I recently caught up with Erica and Spencer via email and asked them just a few more questions. You can see their answers next to the photo of the two of them below. What did you like best about their episode? Please share in the comment section! Also, if you have your own questions for them leave those in the comment section as well. Clearly they have their hands full with life, but Erica told me they'll try and stop by and answer some of your questions when they have a chance. Also be sure to check out the photo of all thirteen of them together. Can you tell which kids come from which parent? They just look like one big happy family to me!

What's your couple song?

We have several "songs" together but the one we used to dance at our wedding is "You" by a Great Big World. It's very fitting to our situation.

What's your favorite thing to do for the other?

Erica: My favorite thing to do for Spencer is to do small surprises for him (like bring home his favorite soda or surprise him with a date).

Spencer: I love to serve Erica by getting the kids situated in bed and spending time talking and listening to her.

How are the two of you similar and how are you different?

We are both similar in the fact that we share all our strongest beliefs and convictions in our personal and family life. We also both like to have some good order in our home environment which makes us a good team. As for our differences, Erica is very extroverted and Spencer is introverted so we are constantly needing to be aware of each other's needs as they can differ sometimes, especially in social situations.

What are some traditions that you've established as a couple?

As a couple we've made it a huge priority to have weekly date nights and to spend time together every evening talking or listening/ reading together. We also made it a new tradition to go workout at the local gym early most mornings together. As a family, we are still establishing and blending traditions from our previous marriages/families and are making it a goal this year to solidify new and old traditions together as a new family now that we've been married for a year.

Are there any specific relationship skills you're each working on right now?

We work a lot on making each other a high priority in giving each other time and attention. We are also trying to work on effectively communicating.

Bonus: Best and worst relationship advice (from the interview)

Worst advice

Erica: If anything is ever difficult, just have a baby and it will bring you together. Also, happy wife happy life.

Spencer: There's still time to run!

Best advice

Both: Include God in your relationship.

Erica: Just enjoy your time together. Enjoy the good moments and try to find joy in the not so good moments.

Be sure to tune in on Wednesday to hear Anne's thoughts on some of the relationship strengths we can learn from Erica and Spencer.

Thanks again, Erica and Spencer! For the rest of us, let's be like Erica and Spencer and go out and make love in our lives!

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