Chad and Sunnie: Marriages, Miscarriages, and Making Love

Where to start with Chad and Sunnie? From the custody battles to more miscarriages than anyone should ever have to go through, these two definitely have proved that relationships can be strengthened through experiencing shared hardship. It is easy to see how facing some of these challenges could result in pushing a couple apart, it is great to see that while the difficult experiences certainly weren't desired, but they did result in helping to fortify Chad and Sunnie's already strong connection.

What I loved most about talking with these two, however, is not that they've experienced hard things together, but that they make a point to experience good things together. Whether it's sharing in their hobbies together, or enjoying other... umm... extracurricular activities together, Chad and Sunnie have made a point to not only grow through their challenges but also grow through play. So many times we dwell on hardships (because let's admit it, they usually make for better stories), but it's refreshing to hear from a couple who really is able to celebrate the good aspects of life as well.

Here are some additional thoughts from Sunnie and Chad. If you have any questions for them, go ahead and leave them in the comments and we'll be sure to pass them along!

Q & A with Chad and Sunnie

Thinking back to when we spoke, is there anything that afterward you wish that you had said which you didn't at the time? 

 I feel like there was a lot I missed saying, talking about something as deep and complex as our relationship makes it hard to "summarize", but now I've listened to the podcast I think I (Chad) talked too much and I wish Sunnie had said more! Also, I'm sure you can hear our amazing two-year-old in the background quite a bit; I'd say we should have redone it but it's a good representation of our life, and honestly that's about as quiet as it gets at home!

Do you have a song that's your couple song? 

Early in our relationship it was probably "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes. Currently, "I don't care" by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber resonates well with us, just don't tell anyone we like a Bieber song.

Name a way in which the two of you are similar.  Name a way in which the two of you are different.

We are both really competitive, and we love competing against each other whether it's in basketball, Dr Mario, Magic the Gathering, or a number of other things. A difference would be our food preferences, Chad likes sauces, sugar, and spicy food. I (Sunnie) prefer food with less flavor.  He teases me about avacodos being too spicy for me.

What's your favorite thing to do for the other?  Sunnie: Chad likes 50s pin up art and every so often I will schedule with a professional photographer to have pictures taken of me in the 50s pin up style. I get my hair and makeup done and pick out the outfits.  I think the part I enjoy the most is creating a gift that I know he will love and feel loved by.

Chad: I like it when I can surprise her with little things. Gifts is a love language for her, so finding a little something that I know she will love (even if she doesn't know it yet) is a big thing for me. Or just trying to do something to give her a break from the craziness of life: sneaking out and shutting the bedroom door in the morning so she can sleep longer, cleaning the house while she's away, stuff like that.

What are some traditions that you've established as a couple?

Some family ones are Tahiti Village in Las Vegas for Spring Break with the family, dressing up as a family for Halloween, gingerbread houses at Christmas, frequent Sunday family trips to Lagoon often with matching shirts because we're dorks and we love it. Some of our couple traditions are little escapes, whether it's binge-watching a show together, finding a moment to play a game of cards after the kids are asleep, or just watching music videos while we snuggle. What fictional couple do you relate with the most? 

Sunnie: Hahaha Frozen 2, Anna and Kristoph.

Chad: Probably the couple from 50 first dates, Sunnie sometimes has a spotty memory so I get to reintroduce her to stuff she loves again for the first time! haha.

What's your favorite TV show as a couple?

Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, Battlestar Galactica, we are currently in the middle of the Altered Carbon series and it's excellent so far. We loved Game of Thrones until the last couple of seasons, now we don't talk about it anymore, haha. And Simpsons! Did you guys agree on baby names?  If not, how did you make that decision? 

We chose family names, so it was pretty easy to agree on.

Are there any specific relationship skills you're each working on right now? 

Communication is an ongoing relationship skill that we work on, I don't know that we ever get to set that one down.

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