Camron and Christa: Growing closer through challenges

Sometimes life comes at you hard and fast. Camron and Christa definitely know what that feels like! From birth control complications to a miscarriage to financial problems, it's inspiring to see how these two were able to grow closer through their challenges rather than be pushed apart. Camron and Christa now have four kids and are going stronger than ever!

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Do you have a song that's your couple song?

No, we tried! I think it has to occur naturally somehow, or it doesn't work. We both love alternative music and went through a bit of an emo music phase while we were dating, so there's plenty of music that reminds us of that time but nothing worthy to be deemed "our song."

How are you similar and different?

We are both pretty analytical. We think through things at length before making decisions.

We always joke that one of us cares too much and the other cares too little!

What's your favorite thing to do for the other?

Christa: I like preparing Camron's lunch for him. Usually it's just throwing the leftovers in his lunch bag, but I try to think of what he might need, i.e. a napkin, fork, etc. I know he appreciates it, so I don't mind at all.

Camron: I like letting Christa sleep in on the weekends, so I can spend time with and make breakfast for the kids.

What are some traditions that you've established as a couple?

We take a weekend away from the kids every year to connect. It's usually close by because our children are small, but it does the trick!

We go on dates every week. Sometimes they end up being at home after the kids are in bed, but often we go out.

Everyday Camron tells me that I'm beautiful. It's such a sweet tradition that he started when we were dating. It never gets old somehow!

What fictional couple do you relate with the most?

Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation.

Did you guys agree on baby names?

We mostly agreed. We actually took turns naming the kids, but the other person had veto power. It worked for us! Plus we had an even number, so it was fair.

Are there any specific relationship skills you're each working on right now?

Christa: I'm working on asking myself some questions before asking Camron to do something. For example, if I'm asking Camron to grab something for me, I first ask myself if he's busy or if there is a reason I can't do it myself. Sometimes I get so focused on a task, I don't stop to think about his feelings.

Camron: I'm working on listening to Christa when she asks me to do something without getting irritated about it. Ha ha.

Bonus: Best and worst relationship advice (from the interview)

Worst advice

Don't go to bed angry.

Best advice

Don't keep score.

Thanks everyone for reading and listening! I really hope you're enjoying learning more about these couples. Stay tuned because we have more great relationship stories to come! Be sure to tune in on Wednesday to hear Anne's thoughts on some of the great things we can learn from Camron and Christa.

Thanks again, Camron and Christa! For the rest of us, let's be like Camron and Christa and go out and make love in our lives!

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