We all want to have a meaningful and deeply fulfilling relationship. Actually building one? Well, that can be a bit more difficult. As a society, we're very good at putting pressure on people to get into romantic relationships. We often aren't good, however, at teaching people how to be successful after they're in one. Simply finding a partner is not enough to create a fairy tale ending. 

Here at Rekindle, we work to provide couples with the tools that they need to actually grow and build their relationships one day at a time. We know that finding your partner is just the first step. Successful relationships are carefully and conscientiously nurtured and tended to overtime. We're here to help you develop the skills and strengths that you need to effectively and consistently make your love grow!  


Our Foundation

The Multidimensional Theory of Relationships

All of our products are built on the Multidimensional Theory of Relationships (the MTR), which was developed by Rekindle co-founder Anne Brown. Unlike many traditional relationship-building methods that focus on current dislikes and weaknesses, the MTR places an emphasis on using and enhancing current strengths to meet root cause relationship needs. 

We are typically very good at being able to point out when we're unhappy in a relationship. We're not nearly as good at articulating exactly what specific aspect of the relationship is lacking. Sure, we can point out things our partner does that annoy us, but usually these are just symptoms. 

The MTR divides all relationships up into six dimensions, each of which if left unfulfilled will lead to relationship unhappiness. By using our soon to be published analysis, you can identify exactly which area of your relationship is lacking, and how you can harness you and your partner's existing strengths to meet those needs! 

You can learn more about the MTR at, but you don't have to be a relationship scholar to use the system. All Rekindle products will have the theory behind the MTR carefully implemented so the hard part has already been done for you.   

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Understand your underlying relationship needs


Apply your strengths to addressing those needs


Consistently applying those tools over time 

Our Process
Our Products


Check out our podcast, Making Love Today, available on the podcast tab above or wherever you listen to podcasts. On our show, we interview real couples about what they do to make their love grow. Marriage therapist Anne Brown then points out the amazing skills these couples demonstrate and how we can apply them in our own lives!

Online Course

Launching later this year we'll be offering online courses where you can learn how to apply the MTR in your own relationship. These courses will teach how to apply these principles not only in the short term but more importantly for long after the course ends. 

Mobile App

Stay tuned for the launch of our one of a kind mobile app! We're hard at work to put all the power of the MTR in the palm of your hand. The app will include analysis to determine you and your partner's current relationship needs, and then send both of you suggestions on how you can harness your strengths to best help your partner receive the support and affection they need! 


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