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Have you ever wished you could read your partner's mind?  Have you ever wished you could know exactly what to do to make your partner happy?  Have you ever wished your partner understood your needs just a little bit better?  Maybe we can't really help you to read your partner's mind, but here at Rekindle it's our mission to give you the tools you need to have a deeply fulfilling and meaningful relationship!  Read more about us below, and sign up to be one of the first to experience the Rekindle relationship app!


What is Rekindle?

Making your relationship a priority

You have apps to order food, watch movies, track your health, and manage your finances.  Why not one to give your relationship a much-needed boost?   If you're like the rest of us, with obligations pulling in a hundred directions at any given time, sometimes your love takes a back seat.   Even when you and your partner do make time for each other, does it sometimes feel like the two of you are speaking different languages?  Does it sometimes feel like the two of you are drifting apart, despite your desire to stay connected?

With Rekindle, we empower you to reignite your relationship through our easy to use app.  Rekindle cuts through the noise of life to remind you of your number one priority.  Rekindle enables you and your partner to evaluate the current needs in your relationship, and then focus your time on the actions most likely to fulfill those needs.  It's ours mission to give you the tools necessary to build a deeply fulfilling and meaningful relationship with your partner.  

Sign up for Rekindle now, and take control of your relationship.

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Understand your own relationship strengths and needs


Track your relationship's progress


Learn how to better meet your partner's needs


The State of the Relationship

Take our assessment to find out where your relationship currently stands.  We help you to celebrate your strengths and deliberately address the weaknesses.  Once we know where you and your partner stand, we can generate "sparks", or actions personalized to help you and your partner build the best connection you can.

Track Your Progress

Through your feedback, you can track the health of your relationship, and how it improves over time.  As you and your partner use Rekindle together, you can see how you thrive, both personally and as a couple.

Learn how to better meet the needs of your partner

Learn about your partner's relationship strengths and needs.  Receive personalized spark suggestions for your partner, and get friendly reminders to help always keep your partner on your mind.  


Be the First to Have Rekindle

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